Gamers Win Big for CT Children’s at Extra Life United!

Extra Life United took place in late March and six gamers from Connecticut won big for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, bringing home about $40,000 in donations for the Medical Center. Extra Life United (ELU) is a gaming event like no other. ELU unites Extra Lifers from across the globe to compete in a gaming tournament to unlock funds for their Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Not only do they get to meet other like-minded Extra Lifers, but they also get to meet and play games with the children that their efforts directly support, including last year’s CT Champion, Emma Duffin.

One of the Extra Lifers, Tim, came in first place overall and brought over $20,000 back to CT. Special thank you to Tim, Harrison, Tracy, Hong, Gary and Tyler for participating and all supporting Connecticut Children’s at Extra Life United!

Extra Life is a year round fundraising effort that culminates in a 24-hour gaming challenge, where participants can play from the comfort of their own homes while supporting their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. The concept is that people pledge their support to the gamers to play any games for an allotted amount of time. Participants are encouraged to participate in a 24-hour National Game Day which will be on November 4th this year, but they are able to do this any day of the year for any amount of time they’d like. Fundraising begins on January 1st and ends on December 31st. Last year Extra Life raised over $77,000 for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. For more information or to sign up to participate visit


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