Log-a-Load raises $4,000 for CT Children’s

Earlier this month our local friends from Log-a-Load came to celebrate this year’s donation to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. We wanted to send a huge thank you to TIMPRO CT and CT’s Forest Product Industry for raising $4,000 this year to support Connecticut Children’s Medical Center as a part of the Log A Load for Kids, Inc – United States partnership with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

“It was such a great idea to get together to reconnect our organization with the wonderful facility of Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.  By taking the time to see all of the great work that is happening daily at CT Children’s it makes TIMPRO’s  mission of raising monies through our Log-A-Load annual fund drive that much more important. The need and benefit of the children of this great State has never been more important.  I loved seeing all of the big improvements that have been implemented at the hospital and look forward to helping move your facility into a more modernized future.”  -Brennan Sheahan, President of the CT Professional Timber Producers Association.

Since 2007, they have donated just shy of $30,000 to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. We appreciate your generosity and are so grateful to have your support!

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