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Congrats to Tim “Deftninja,” our Newest Angel in Action!

Each quarter, Extra Life honors one of our most committed volunteers with the Angel in Action award. Today, we are celebrating Tim “DeftNinja’s” dedication and hard work to go above and beyond #ForTheKids and we’re thrilled to honor him with the Angel in Action award!

Tim has been committed to Extra Life for years now. In fact, over the past six years, he’s raised over $50,000 USD for Connecticut Children’s! He’s incredibly talented at gaming. In 2017, he competed in Extra Life United and took home the biggest prize #ForTheKids, winning $21,040 USD to help the children treated in his home state of Connecticut.

Tim is a rock-solid supporter of Extra Life and provided a steady hand during a season of transition at his hospital. This past year, Connecticut Children’s leadership changed and he began working with a brand new Program Director three different times.

Jessica Swirson from Connecticut Children’s Foundation explained this in more depth when she nominated Tim. “Over the past year, our hospital has changed our Program Director working on Extra Life three times… Throughout this time, Tim stepped up to keep our team on board. He lead meetings, posted updates in our Facebook group, and continued to encourage our team at all times. He has shown so many great leadership values worth awarding by taking charge when needed and helping keep our team together.”

It’s rare that a local volunteer would offer as much stability as Tim provided. Jessica explained that “as I came into the role as the Program Direct with Extra Life just a few months ago, with no other team members or experience with Extra Life, Tim has been the one to help me. If it wasn’t for Tim’s time and dedication, I am not quite sure where our team would truly be. Not to mention, Tim continues to be our top fundraiser! He also continues to amaze us as he brings home money from Extra Life United.”

After becoming a parent, many people may not give as much time towards volunteering for Extra Life, but the new demands of fatherhood haven’t slowed Tim down. He explains this on his Extra Life fundraising page. “This will be my second year raising funds as a dad. While my daughter is currently happy and healthy, I understand there are many others not so fortunate. That is why I game for Extra Life; so the sick and injured kids can get the best treatment possible here at Connecticut Children’s.”

He’s steady, generous, positive and still wicked good at winning gaming competitions to support his local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. This past month, Tim again participated in Extra Life United and finished in 7th place for Lethal League, earning $410 USD for Connecticut’s kids.

Tim serves as the Team Captain for the Control Alt Defeat team, and they aim to raise $20,000 USD before the year is over for Extra Life. If anyone can do it, it’s Tim and his team!

Tim, congrats on winning our newest Angel in Action award!

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