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American Eagle Financial Credit Union awards QTHON $6,575

American Eagle Financial Credit Union (AEFCU) announced the recipients from the second quarter of its participatory funding program, Cash Back to the Community.

Quinnipiac University Dance Marathon (QTHON) was one of three nonprofits receiving a donation of $6,575 as the top three vote recipients among 242 nominations and 4,447 votes from members and the general public.

American Eagle Financial Credit Union introduced a participatory funding program, Cash Back to the Community, to significantly increase their philanthropic giving during 2020. The Credit Union is committed to donating one percent of its total credit and debit card interchange income (the fee paid for credit and debit card transactions). Funding for the program is generated each time members use their American Eagle Financial Credit Union credit or debit card. The more you spend, the more they give!

“We created Cash Back to the Community to invite our members and public to play an active role in our philanthropic efforts. Little did we know then how vital these funds would be to nonprofits during the current COVID-19 pandemic. We are concentrated on making the places where we live and work better, and responding quickly during critical times,” said Dean Marchessault, President and Chief Executive Officer of American Eagle Financial Credit Union.

When the QTHON students heard of this opportunity they entered right away. When they were chosen as a nominee these students took it upon themselves to get the votes they needed. They were determined to receive donations for Connecticut Children’s. They created a “how to vote” video and shared it on all of their social media channels. These students wanted to get everyone they knew to vote, sharing with many more than just their internal team, their friends, family, and alumni.

When they found out they won the donation for Connecticut Children’s they were overjoyed. “This donation means more to our QTHON family than words can describe. Our fight for the kids never stops and we appreciate American Eagle’s support. These funds will be used to provide life-saving care to children, supply the newest technology for the hospital, and enhance the patient and family experience,” said Hannah Baker, executive director, QTHON 2021.

To read more about American Eagle Financial Credit Union’s donation, click here:

Connecticut Children’s is grateful for the support from QTHON and our local credit unions that are a part of Credit Unions 4 Kids!